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Emergency Information

GAS: If you can smell gas, immediately call 0800 111 999. Open windows and vacate the property. Do not switch on any lights.

LOST KEYS: If you have lost your keys and its out of hours and you have no other way of getting into the property, pls call the out of hours locksmith on: 07968756205. There is likely to be a £40-£50 callout charge. If you can wait until the next day, we will let you in and get another set of keys cut.

SMOKE ALARM: If the house alarm goes off, treat it as an emergency and vacate the property. If its a false alarm and looks like a fault with the system, raise a maintenance ticket. If its out of hours and the alarm will not reset call the emergency electrician on:07917151892. A beeping sound simply means the battery needs changing. This can be fixed the next day.

BOILER OR WATER: If there is a leak at the property for example from the shower, stop using the shower and raise a maintenance ticket. We will fix the problem the next day. If there is a burst pipe and its out of hours, turn off the water at the stop cock. Call the out of hours emergency maintenance number: 07941049010

CRIME: If there has been a breakin at the property or an attempted break in, call the local police on: 01792 456999. Please inform us as well the next day. If a theft has occured, don't forget to obtain an incident number from the police.

ELECTRIC: If the electric to the property switches off, check the consumer unit in the hall. Check if one of the circuit breakers has tripped. It maybe that for e.g. there is a problem with the toaster in the kitchen or an appliance in one of the bedrooms. The procedure is to turn all appliances off, then flick all the consumer unit switches to "off". Then switch the main breaker to "on" followed by each of the specific trip switches. You may find for e.g. if the problem is in the kitchen, the kitchen breaker switch will trip back to "off". This will tell you that there is still a faulty appliance that has not been switched "off". If you are able to switch all the circuit board swtches to "on", you can then start to switch the appliances back on one by one. When you switch on the faulty appliance the consumer unit will trip once more. Just turn the faulty appliance off and reset the consumer unit. Raise a maintenance ticket stating where you think the fault is.The freezer will keep food frozen for 24 hrs if its off, so if the fault is in the kitchen keep the fridge door closed.